Schools are working hard to create New Zealand’s future innovators however many find it challenging to keep pace with the adoption of technology in workplaces and homes.

Recognising this, the Genesis School-gen Trust has announced its second $50,000 funding round for 2019. The technology equipment provided has the potential to assist teachers as they prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce.

Genesis School-gen Trust Chair, Lee Mauger, says the idea behind gifting the equipment to schools is to ensure students have the tools they need to develop problem solving, innovation and design thinking skills.

“Increasingly science, maths, engineering and maths skills are more in demand and central to each of these skill areas is the concept of identifying, analysing and solving problems. Giving students access to the right equipment is a key step on the journey to helping them develop these skills and growing their interest in these areas.”

Any school in New Zealand can apply for a share of $50,000 worth of science, technology, engineering and math equipment to support their students’ learning. Funding for this second round of equipment comes from Genesis, who established the Trust and has provided $100,000 in 2019.

Manurewa South School, a recipient of $5,000 worth of iPads in the Trust’s first funding round, is already using the equipment they received to prepare students for the modern workforce.

“To cater for the 21st century learner, schools need to change their methods of teaching and implement programmes to prepare students for the future. This comes at a cost, which can be difficult for school budgets to keep up with,” said Tone Kolose, Principal of Manurewa South School.
“These iPads will make a huge impact on the success of science and technology education in our school.”

Genesis CEO, Marc England, says the company established the Trust to give students the opportunity to use the latest tools and find solutions for real-world problems.

“The Genesis School-gen Trust will ultimately benefit us all as the New Zealand work force adapts to an increasing level of automation. Our children are required to develop skills that will be central to the jobs of the future.”

Along with the $100,000 in 2019, Genesis also covers the Trust’s administration costs so that 100% of donations go to schools for equipment.

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