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Our diverse and committed group of educators and leaders want kids to have access to the best STEM equipment.

Lou Reddy, Principal at Wesley Primary School

Lou Reddy

Principal, Wesley Primary School

"As a teacher I’m committed to helping young people become critical thinkers and innovators so that they can meet the social, environmental and economic challenges heading their way. I also know how difficult it is to achieve this without the right resources and this is why I’ve become involved with the Trust. "

Tracey Hickman Chief Customer Officer at Genesis

Tracey Hickman

Chief Customer Officer, Genesis Energy

"I’m proud of the work the Trust does to support STEM learning. For many schools, finding funds for STEM equipment can be a challenge - that’s where the Trust can help. The equipment we provide gives tamariki the opportunity for hands-on experiences to prepare them for jobs of the future."

Vanessa Sorenson Managing Director at Microsoft New Zealand

Vanessa Sorenson

Microsoft New Zealand Managing Director

"Becoming involved in the Trust for me is about ensuring students have the tools they need to succeed. At Microsoft we talk about empowering every student to achieve more and unlocking limitless learning. None of this can be done without the right equipment. "

Lee Mauger Founder/Director of Kiwi Collaborative

Lee Mauger

Founder /Director Kiwi Collaborative

"As a parent and IT consultant, I work hard to keep up with my son & daughter's enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and maths. I know kids learn best with other kids, so I'm passionate about ensuring schools have the STEM tools they need to succeed in providing great learning experiences."

Hope Allum Head of Customer Operations and Compliance at Genesis

Hope Allum

Head of Customer Operations and Compliance, Genesis Energy

"What drives my involvement in the Trust is my desire to see young people in science / tech type roles and an awareness of the difficulties facing some schools around encouraging students to understand and be engaged in STEM learning."

Greg Scrivin, Teacher, Te Wharehura o Mauao

Greg Scrivin

Teacher, Te Wharekura o Mauao

As a past recipient of Lego robot kits funded by the Trust, I can personally testify to the importance of our mission. The equipment has enabled rich practical learning experiences for our students which greatly increase engagement. Providing these experiences at grassroots level will help enlist kiwi kids into further STEM training. I joined the Board of Trustees in 2023 and I’m looking forward to assisting schools to get the STEM equipment they need to offer their rangatahi hands-on experiences to bring STEM learning to life.

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Our purpose

Preparing rangatahi for STEM jobs of the future.

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