The Genesis School-gen Trust provides STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) equipment to schools to help grow their students understanding and interest in STEM.

With access to STEM equipment, students get hands-on experiences to develop their critical thinking and innovation skills.

Our purpose

Our kids need to be critical thinkers and innovators to meet the social, environmental and economic challenges of the future.  To learn these skills, they need the right equipment and resources at school. The Genesis School-gen Trust aims to support schools by providing this equipment so that students can grow their understanding and interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

We will achieve this by providing equipment (software / hardware) that supports the teaching of the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum and encourages students to become engaged in science, technology, engineering and maths subjects.

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How to donate

Genesis customers can donate to the School-gen Trust by adding $2, $5 or $10 to their monthly energy bill. Find out more.

Why is STEM so important?

Science, technology, engineering and maths are a critical – and often invisible – part of our daily lives. The speed of new technologies and the impact this has on how we live our lives is creating massive challenges in terms of how educators can best prepare students for the careers of the future.

Unfortunately, a study done in 2017 showed that just 20 per cent of New Zealand children in their final year of primary and intermediate schooling are reaching the expected level of the curriculum in science. (National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement)

The Genesis School-gen Trust, in association with the School-gen programme wants to help schools change these statistics!

How the Trust works

  • The Trust was established in January 2019 and is governed by a Board of Trustees who operate under the direction of a Trust Deed. This controls how the Trustees manage the Trust and its funds.
  • Every dollar donated to the Trust goes to schools thanks to Genesis who are covering all infrastructure, accounting and administration costs. Genesis employees working on Trust administration understand the nature of the Trust and will ensure that it is treated as an independent organisation.
  • The Genesis School-gen Trust is a registered charitable Trust (CC56571) IRD # 129-028-289 

Our Trustees

"As a teacher I’m committed to helping young people become critical thinkers and innovators so that they can meet the social, environmental and economic challenges heading their way. I also know how difficult it is to achieve this without the right resources and this is why I’ve become involved with the Trust. "

"I’m proud of the work the Trust does to support STEM learning. For many schools, finding funds for STEM equipment can be a challenge - that’s where the Trust can help. The equipment we provide gives tamariki the opportunity for hands-on experiences to prepare them for jobs of the future."

"Becoming involved in the Trust for me is about ensuring students have the tools they need to succeed. At Microsoft we talk about empowering every student to achieve more and unlocking limitless learning. None of this can be done without the right equipment. "

"As a parent and IT consultant, I work hard to keep up with my son & daughter's enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and maths. I know kids learn best with other kids, so I'm passionate about ensuring schools have the STEM tools they need to succeed in providing great learning experiences."

"What drives my involvement in the Trust is my desire to see young people in science / tech type roles and an awareness of the difficulties facing some schools around encouraging students to understand and be engaged in STEM learning."

How is Genesis involved?

Through the Genesis School-gen programme (focused on engaging young New Zealanders in STEM), the company is aware that teachers are wanting to find ways of encouraging their students to engage in STEM learning. Having the right equipment and resources is vital in doing this. As an energy company, focused on innovation, Genesis saw another opportunity to support schools and further develop the next generation of energy innovators.

Consequently, the idea of the Trust was born.

The Trust is a separate legal entity and is a registered charitable trust with Charities Services, a department of Internal Affairs.

Genesis also supports the Trust by linking it to its School-gen programme and by covering all legal, financial and administration costs.