Covid-19 Funding Round Update 

Application Round 3 – 2020 Postponed

In response to the Covid-19 crisis and the impact on school students, the Genesis School-gen Trustees organised the purchase and distribution of 200 Chromebooks to students who currently have no device at home so they could continue their learning during school shutdowns.

Distribution was completed on Wednesday March 25 by the Manaiakalani Education Trust to students from seven schools including Tamaki Primary, Glen Innes Primary, Glen Taylor School, Panmure Bridge School, Glen Brae Primary and Point England Primary, as well as Tamaki College.

Total funding amounted to $93,154 and is the full amount that was available for the funding round that was due to start in April 2020.

Once the Covid-19 situation is resolved, the Trustees will meet to discuss when the next funding round will occur. Funding support from Genesis and donations from its customers is on-going and the Trust looks forward to continuing to support schools with STEM equipment in the future.