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Together, we can help kids prepare for jobs of the future.

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Helping Kiwi kids – it’s what we do

The Genesis School-gen Trust gifts STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) equipment to schools to help rangatahi walk out the school gate, inspired and ready with the STEM skills they need.

With access to STEM equipment, students get hands-on experiences so they can develop their critical thinking and communication skills by working together to solve problems and think innovatively.

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Why is STEM so important?

The way we work continues to rapidly transform. Schools are now tasked with preparing students for a world that requires a high level of STEM capability.

Studies suggest 85% of the jobs into 2030 haven’t yet been invented. STEM skills are critical to New Zealand’s ability to lead in science and technology-based industries.

STEM learning uses hands-on activities to solve real-world problems and fuel student curiosity about the world-around-us. The perfect time for this to happen is in early childhood years, where experiences help shape the brain, capacity to learn, cope with stress and challenges.

To help learn these skills, rangatahi need the right equipment at school and that’s where the Trust – and our customers - come in.

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What we've achieved so far

Since the Trust was established in 2019, we’ve gifted over $500,000 worth of STEM and solar equipment to 93 schools around Aotearoa.

The type of STEM equipment provided by the Trust means students can gain hands-on experience in coding, robotics, design, and engineering to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

One school replaced an outdated coal boiler with a solar installation, helping to educate students on renewable energy, sustainability and the environment.

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Our Trustees

A team of educators & leaders – all on board to unlock limitless learning.

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