The Genesis School-gen Trust exists thanks to its partner, Genesis. It is hoped that over time other like-minded organisations and individuals will become involved so that more schools, and ultimately students, can get the equipment they need to become critical thinkers and innovators.

Through the Genesis School-gen programme (focused on engaging young New Zealanders in STEM),  the company is aware that teachers are wanting to find ways of encouraging their students’ to engage in STEM learning. Having the right equipment and resources is vital in doing this. As an energy company, focused on innovation, Genesis saw another opportunity to support schools and further develop the next generation of energy innovators.

The School-gen programme has been Genesis’ key community initiative since 2006.  The programme was revitalised in early 2018, with a focus on sparking young peoples’ interest in STEM across New Zealand, through resources, online games, hands on activities, and school visits.

Are you or your business interested in becoming involved with the Trust? – Contact our administrator at [email protected]